Why I made this game

Yesterday I opened itch.io, looking for some games to play, and as usual, it's nothing but horror games, and after a long rant in a discord, i actually cried. I understand why they are so common, a lot of us remember watching Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and a lot of others playing these horror games, and that isn't even mentioning how much horror games tend to blow up, FNAF, Bendy, Hello Neighbor, and so many others. But, horror is a hard genre, it takes a lot of thought, you have to have good atmosphere, you have to have the right balance of building up and releasing tension, which a lot of these games, including this one, don't have. I wanted to make this to show how little time it can take to make a mediocre horror game, obviously many of these take more than just one hour, and this game is far worse than any of them, and at this point I don't even know what the point I was trying to prove was, I just want to play fun games, and I'm tired of nothing but low effort horror games all over the platform.


Hourror.7z 87 MB
Jul 17, 2021

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